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As a privately held company, all of our clients have the ability to work directly with both the owners and the engineers. Our long-term customers can attest to the quality and dedication we provide with each product we manufacture, as well the attention and priority we give to each client we work with. Our devotion to both our customers and products merely demonstrates our enthusiasm for innovation as well as our motivation to do what we do every day. Our building is conveniently located within 30 minutes of both Boston and Providence, areas which are continually at the forefront of medicine, industry, and technology.


We are committed to going above and beyond to meet the requirements of our customer. We will do this by delivering the highest quality product, on-time, with impeccable service, and by maintaining and continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system.
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John Cicalis

John Cicalis

Perry Cicalis

Perry Cicalis

Joe Nasuti

Joe Nasuti

VP of Sales
Mary Silver

Mary Silver

Office Manager


Prior to the establishment of Argos Corporation, brothers, John and Perry Cicalis, joined forces as minority shareholders in the 1989 start-up of a heat shrink manufacturing company. By 1997, the two decided to venture forth and start a business on their own. Through their continued relationship with a professor and mentor from UMASS Lowell, they were able to make a connection with a company developing composite pipe for the oil and gas industry. With this affiliation established in 1997, Argos was created and incorporated and became a reality in 1998. Working closely with the owner and engineers, Argos helped develop a liner for composite pipes. Argos steadily grew over the years alongside this strategic customer.

In 2003 and 2004 Argos assisted in the transition of its major customer’s operations to Houston, Texas. Argos Corporation was then reinvented, focusing on the production of small-diameter custom tubing. From there, Argos continued to expand at their location in Wareham, Massachusetts making custom tubing for commercial applications. Argos was able to purchase the heat shrink tubing assets of John and Perry’s former company and began producing heat shrinkable tubing, adding to their custom products portfolio. Business growth perpetuated a relocation and upgrade in facilities. In 2009, Argos relocated to Myles Standish Industrial Park in Taunton, Massachusetts, increasing its footprint to 25,000 square feet where it continues operations and has room for further expansion. There, the company has broadened its scope of expertise to include medical tubing and many value added operations. By 2012, the company had become ISO certified, continuing to flourish commercially as well as taking on more and more medical applications.

Argos currently resides in Taunton, located strategically between Boston and Providence, in the largest industrial park in Massachusetts. The company continues to build and maintain strong relationships with its core customers, many of whom helped to get the business off the ground in the formative years. These customers have remained valued partners as well as integral parts of the Argos family, which is a mindset that will be preserved in the formation of new relationships and throughout the company’s future plans of expansion.

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